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Antiques and Works of Art, Silver and Jewelry

Auction 24 | 09 Oct, 21H00  10 Oct, 21H00  
Lot 229    |   Session 2 - 10 Oct

A D. José (1750-1777) Portuguese silver plaque, 1768.


€ 5.000 - 8.000

Hammer Price:

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Chiselled and partly-gilt decoration representing Pentecost.
Signed and dated at the front “Ludovicus Jozephy fecit in Ulyssipone anno 1768” and at the back “Luis Jozé de Almeida a fez em Lxª 1768”.
The silver work is exceptionally executed in relief showing Our Lady in the throne surrounded by the Apostles and Mary Magdalene, above the group the descent of the Holy Spirit as a dove throwing flames is surrounded by stars; architectonic ground in perspective.
Rocaille silver frame with floral, shell and architectonic motifs and two reserves: one at the base with the inscription: “REGINA APOLOLORUM” and the one at the top with a royal crown in gold.
Silk lined rosewood frame.
(minor defects, minor bruises and the cross of the crown is missing)
38x22 cm




Note: Originally this plaque might be part of a silver lined piece of furniture as was usual at the 18th century, possibly a church tabernacle.
For its exceptional characteristics of design and execution stressed by the presence of the royal crown this work is surely a royal commission. In our opinion this plaque might be part of the commission for the Capela Real da Ajuda.
At S. João Baptista’s chapel in S. Roque’s church, Lisbon a mosaic by Mattia Moreti after card by Agostino Massucci (1691-1758) depicts a very similar scene.
Luis José de Almeida is mentioned in SANTOS e Irene Quilhó, Reynaldo dos “Ourivesaria Portuguesa nas Colecções Particulares”, pp. 268 and 272.
Provenance: Late Pedro Costa Collection